CHESTA believes in a structural approach to holistic development where every individual accesses his or her rights in an increasingly globalised development context.


To create a sphere for the new generation where women and children have a say on the decision making, visualising a new social structure where all dehumanising factors turns to humanising and individuals join together as communities to realise their personal and collective aims.

Aims & Objectives

  1.   Promotion of the rights to dignified living of people from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and marginalised Communities

    2.     Promotion of women’s empowerment programme through initiating women’s economic opportunity

    3.     Promotion and protection of women’s rights and interests

    4.     Child right, child development, child protection and participation

    5.     Education of children for gainful and creative engagement

    6.     Sustainability of community and natural resources

    7.     To network, assist, promote, encourage, train and support Community Based Organisations and Youth Clubs at local, state and national level

    8.     Creation of alternative credit system

    9.     Promotion of agriculture and agro-based activities

    10.  Create awareness on HIV/AIDS, STI/RCH & SRH among the vulnerable communities

    11.  Promotion of Vocational training to the youths for employment and check the migration

    12.  Increase malaria prevention and control

    13.  Carry out and utilize different Urban Data and initiate the process of streamlining Child, Youth and Women focus  activities in the Urban Slum areas the holistic development of Child, Youth and Women

    14.  To initiate research and documentation leading to publication of papers/ books/ training material/ presentations/videos/films, with a view to increasing awareness.