CHESTA is committed for the empowerment and emancipation of women, children, adolescent, aged and needy rural masses. It supports needy and poor women to reach economic independence through Group Dimension. It has facilitated the Bahumukhi Mahila Bikash Kendra a women federation to encourage thrift, self-help and mutual help by group education, dimension and spirit among members.


The approach of the Kendra is to organize Self Help Groups of women in the three brooder districts of Kandhamal, Ganjam and Nayagarh into an Apex (Federation) member of SHG to pool their savings, revolve those savings among members as credit, primarily for income generation activities and reduce the “Feminization of Poverty” who immerse with indebtedness, starvation and deprivation of children education.
Step 1: To form a women Apex Body by organizing SHGs in three brooder districts of Kandhamal, Ganjam and Nayagarh.
Step 2: Training women members on book-keeping, income generation activities, entrepreneurial skills, savings and credit, cash flow, finance management and leadership skills.
Step 3: Launching group based income generation activities through loans and collecting them for future sustainability of the cooperative society.
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Federation strive to alleviate local poverty and unemployment, decrease emigration, and sustain local employment, handicraft workmanship traditions by effectively marketing the products, obtaining raw materials at a reasonable cost, and developing the technical and managerial capabilities.



The goal of Bahumukhi Mahila Bikash Kendra to enhance easily accessible, cost effective and sustainable financial services to the women living in the programme areas that would enable increased investment in income generating activities resulting in an increase of their income levels. The strategies are specifically:
  1. Enhance accessibility of financial services
  2. Enhance women’s participation and decision in policy making-processes at all levels
  3. Enhance the capacities of people in the area of money management
Bahumukhi Mahila Bikash Kendra plays a crucial role in promoting values of self-reliance, good governance, equity and transparency. It is based upon the ethical values of openness, honesty and social responsibility, strongly linked with income-generation activities for the community and satisfying the basic community needs. It provides opportunities to women to organize services – such as financial services, agricultural extension and marketing services, input supply etc – collectively by pooling their resources without depending upon the government or other agencies. At present 3000 women are the members of this federation. They are capaciated to add the value of their product through hand and machine stitching of Siali leaf plate. Their income becomes double. Both the stitching is used in the buffey plate for the pressing in hydraulic machine. These products have great market value in the festive and marriage season.


  1. Building effective management information systems (MIS)
  2. Reaching large number of community members with vision for growth;
  3. Promoting savings services and diversify savings products;
  4. Developing institutional linkages;
  5. Offering services that fit the community’s’ needs and diversify loan products;
  6. Simplify procedures to reduce operational costs;
  7. Motivating community members to repay loans and focuses on high repayment;
  8. Involving community members when designing services;
  9. Promoting effective governance, – characterized by democratic and transparent decision-making;
  10. Mobilizing internal resources in the form of share capital, long term savings and reserves;
  11. Integrating federation training and education in the regular services of the Group Dimension.